RHONDA ANDERSON for Coral Gables Commission Group Two

Rhonda Anderson is a 33-year resident with a long resume of service to preserve Coral Gables’ quality of life. She was one of the founders 16 years ago of the LeJeune Segovia Neighborhood Association, created to address increased traffic from construction in the surrounding area.  Anderson also understands how City Hall works, having served on the Coral Gables Public Safety Commission, Sustainability Advisory Board and Planning and Zoning Board.  She’s in favor of height limitations on the Mile and… One of her priorities is getting the city ready for sea-level rise. 

…given her years of experience, her record of activism and knowledge about the city, the Miami Herald Editorial Board recommends RHONDA ANDERSON for Coral Gables Commission Group Two.

… the Sierra Club has endorsed your candidacy for the 2021 election for Coral Gables City Commission. The Sierra Club supports your efforts to raise environmental issues during your campaign. The Sierra Club is proud of its role in the endorsement process and wholeheartedly extends our support for your campaign to help elect you to public office. 

“During my years of service as Mayor and now as the Senior Advisor to the American Flood Coalition, I worked to prepare our community for the risk of sea level rise and adaptation strategies. Rhonda Anderson has been part of that dialog with me for more than a decade. 

“Rhonda has the experience, passion and ability to analyze and solve the complex issues facing our City. This is why I endorse Rhonda Anderson for the Group 2 Commission seat.  Please join me and vote for Rhonda.”

James Cason

“Over the past 16 years, Rhonda has worked to successfully solve traffic and development issues in her neighborhood. She has also served on three City volunteer boards including Planning and Zoning. Rhonda is the only Commission candidate who has presented a workable plan to reduce development density by amending codes that provide developers with special bonuses to build more than the current code allows. This is why I endorse Rhonda Anderson.  Please join me and vote for Rhonda Anderson for the Group 2 Commission seat.”

Frank Quesada

“I have known my neighbor, Rhonda Anderson, for over 30 years and witnessed her tireless efforts to improve pedestrian safety and reduce development density in our neighborhood. While I was a commissioner, I chose Rhonda as my Public Safety Board appointee. Rhonda later served on the Sustainability and Planning and Zoning Boards.

“Rhonda has the experience, passion, and ability to analyze and solve complex issues facing our City, and patiently engages residents. She focuses on what is good for the residents, and never wavers in that purpose.

“These are the reasons why I endorse Rhonda Anderson for the Group 2 Commission seat. Please join me and vote for Rhonda.”

Maria Anderson

“Rhonda Anderson is the only Commission candidate for the Group 2 seat that has a solid plan to reduce density and increase set-backs and green space in our City. Rhonda’s plan will amend the Mediterranean Ordinance – a bonus program that incentivized larger developments with little or no set-backs and Rhonda will also require that residents receive notice of “as of right” commercial projects. Currently, NO NOTICE is required and our Planning and Zoning Board isNOT required to review “as of right” projects. This is why I endorse Rhonda Anderson. Join me and vote for Rhonda Anderson for the Group 2 Commission seat.”

Wayne Chip Withers

“Rhonda is smart, articulate and is always prepared. Rhonda patiently listens to all resident comments, has the ability to effectively analyze the issues facing our City and legislate for our citizens, and has consistently fought for better notice to residents.”

Jeannett Slesnick
2015 — 2017